Photo by Miguel Refresco

Photo by Patrick Pagel

Photo by Patrick Pagel

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A round shadow with three points

Verbal acts of description praise shadows close to us, visible as they are (and were) in the moment and in movement. A migratory process of viewing, naming, showing, in partnership with others, extracts gestures that re­route and re­center our natural trajectories of attention.

This work is an experiment in applying associative liberties of accumulation, juxtaposition and the organizing possibilities of metaphor. Clusters of narrative nerves appear and disappear as the material of memory traces. Alternating between touching sideways, showing somewhere, and pointing to more than the end of itself. What's close at hand can once again be strange, multiple and unfamiliar, worthy of examination and ultimately, kindness.

Litó Walkey’s A round shadow with three points develops analytically as choreography almost without dance. A study and organization of a meta movement: the movement here, in an expanded understanding of what dance can be, is the dialogue, the relation and the construction of this group. It is an imaginarium whose negotiation becomes the patrimony of its polyphonic cohesion. The dance, when it appears here, is itself almost theatrical, as a quote. The structural movement of this piece is not so much in the small dances that are mentioned during it, but in the braiding of the progressive relation between the performers and their interdependence in the support of a collective imaginarium and its administration, writing and tracing. - Dinis Machado, Performer, Choreographer, Curator, Stockholm

Curated by Dinis Machado, Ballet Contemporâneo do Norte commissioned Litó Walkey to create this choreography with Jorge Gonçalves, Dinis Machado and Susana Otero. The creation took place at Imaginarius Centro de Criação with a performance at Cineteatro Antonio Lamoso, Santa Maria da Feira

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Dance / Performance (2017)

Dédalo Architecture Magazine,
University of Porto,
7 December 2017

Cineteatro Antonio Lamoso
Santa Maria da Feira,
29 September 2017


Litó Walkey is a Berlin based artist whose work operates through performance, writing and choreography exploring non-hegemonic strategies for being connected, resourceful, and response-able. In her work, attentiveness procedures emphasize lateral and divergent thinking to consider the radical potential of marginal, accidental, and less visible phenomena. Collaborating through circuits of transversal interdisciplinary processes, Litó aims to create public spaces for critical thinking and experimentation unbound by single authorship, discipline or terminus.
Litó’s work has been supported through artistic commissions from international choreographic performance festivals and organizations. The work is complimented by ongoing discourse and practice-based exchange with colleagues and students inside and outside academic environments. 

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