Invisible Partners Remain Themselves Inside

Invisible Partners Remain Themselves Inside is Litó Walkey’s contribution to Entanglements of Two: A Series of Duets.

This new book draws out the particularities of working in twos, with a focus on collaborative performance making. The book considers the duet as a particular configuration in which to think, the duo as a microcosm of humankind, and presents everyday entanglement of form and practice seen through the lens of the smallest multiple unit.

The book is co-edited by Karen Christopher and Mary Paterson, and designed by David Caines. Publication by Intellect Books is forthcoming in Autumn 2021.

Contributors are David Berman, Teresa Brayshaw, Season Butler, J. R. Carpenter, Sophie Grodin, Eirini Kartsaki, Joe Kelleher, Orit Kent, Andrea Milde, Rajni Shah, Litó Walkey, David Williams and Jemima Yong.

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Contribution / Publication (2021)

Upcoming Publication:
Intellect Books Autumn 2021


Litó Walkey is a Berlin based artist whose work operates through performance, writing and choreography exploring non-hegemonic strategies for being connected, resourceful, and response-able. In her work, attentiveness procedures emphasize lateral and divergent thinking to consider the radical potential of marginal, accidental, and less visible phenomena. Collaborating through circuits of transversal interdisciplinary processes, Litó aims to create public spaces for critical thinking and experimentation unbound by single authorship, discipline or terminus.
Litó’s work has been supported through artistic commissions from international choreographic performance festivals and organizations. The work is complimented by ongoing discourse and practice-based exchange with colleagues and students inside and outside academic environments. 

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