Photo by I.Pirounidis & D. Georgelos

Photo by Patrick Pagel

Photo by Patrick Pagel

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Performance Directives

This is a performative writing practice that devises constructions of writing as intermediate devices. Words are carefully composed to both respond to components of the world as well as to suggest towards possible (performative) responses. Building on lateral and divergent attention, the practice prolongs and transforms the critical attention of assembled elements into an invitation. This invitation calls for a circuit of response and reformulation. The writings invite an engagement and set constructive constraints by suggesting a re-routing, re-ordering and re-connecting with the material in the composition. New formulations of activity can work closely with each other without being bound to any preconceived steps, shapes, or patterns. As intermediate devices, these written constructions support collaboration, translation, and proliferation by inserting a disruptive wedge to resist authorship's potential fortification, intention, representation, or hierarchy of meaning.

This practice was pivotal to Litó Walkey’s Where’s the rest of me? MA Choreography research (2011-2013) and contributes to subsequent artistic, pedagogic, curatorial and publication projects.

The self-published book is a collection of Performance Directives that developed from a writing commission for the What If... Festival at Siobhan Davies Studios in London and an artistic residency and laboratory at Fabrik Potsdam. The directives have been written by Litó Walkey and residency/lab participants Lucy Cash, Jeanine Durning, Lisa Densem, Thiago Granato, Eduard Mont de Palol, Lina Lindheimer, Andrea Keiz, Zoe Knights, Nils Ulber and Sybille Müller.

Karen Christopher and Litó Walkey’s presentation and workshop Double translations: telling another way to tell was devised through a correspondence and performance process based on performance directives. This was part of encounters in synchronous time PSi Regional Research Cluster Athens.

For an upcoming publication project featuring female choreographers working with scores Litó Walkey will document the temporally multidirectional tangents and contingencies of this practice.

︎︎︎ Collection of Performance Directives [PDF]

Practice / Performance / Publication (2010)

Upcoming Presentation:
Long-term collaborative publication release in 2025

Past Presentations:
PSi Regional Research Cluster BIOS, Athens,
22-27 November 2011
The Afterlife of A Gesture Labor Sonor, Berlin,
13 December 2010
Performance Directives Self-Publication,
7 November 2010
Residency & Laboratory Fabrik Potsdam,
20 September-8 October 2010
What If… Festival Siobhan Davies Studio London,
10-12 April 2010


Litó Walkey is a Berlin based artist whose work operates through performance, writing and choreography exploring non-hegemonic strategies for being connected, resourceful, and response-able. In her work, attentiveness procedures emphasize lateral and divergent thinking to consider the radical potential of marginal, accidental, and less visible phenomena. Collaborating through circuits of transversal interdisciplinary processes, Litó aims to create public spaces for critical thinking and experimentation unbound by single authorship, discipline or terminus.
Litó’s work has been supported through artistic commissions from international choreographic performance festivals and organizations. The work is complimented by ongoing discourse and practice-based exchange with colleagues and students inside and outside academic environments. 

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