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The Circulating Book Project

The Circulating Book Project looks at methods of co-authoring, collaboration and long-term formats of artistic exchange within the performance field.
Taking the notebook as a site of experimentation, two or three artists develop circular exchanges over an extended period of time. The project engages in practices of correspondence, speech, writing, collage and composition to create the book entries; strategies for devising structures to rotate the book amongst the authors; feedback sessions to reflect on the process; and considerations for how these processes may be exposed or published to a public.

 The multiple unfoldings of these collaborations operate beyond the notion of the subject, emphasizing the intersubjective and transindividual. They attend to intricate and intimate processes that inform, pass through and index thought and mechanisms of working, looking away from modes of authorship and towards methodologies of sharing and exchange.

Litó Walkey, Asaf Aharonson and Gretchen Blegen co-created two circulating books, negotiating book deliveries and micro performative exchanges with over thirty accomplices in public and private locations across the city of Berlin, TelAviv and Vancouver.

The project also developed as a year-long free-standing course supported by the Dance Department of Stockholm University of the Arts and MDT in Stockholm. Participating artists were Elise Nuding, Kajsa Wadhia, Unn Faleide, Kajsa Sandström, Oda Brekke, Sofia Romberg, Olivia Riviere, Alice Macenzie, Alexander Talts, Anna Pehrsson, Klara Utka Acs, Maia Means, Sara Kaaman, Siriol Joyner, Max Wallmeier, Pavle Heidler, Ivar Christenson and André Soares. Tove Salmgren and Bronwyn Bailey-Charteris contributed as visiting artists.

Photos by Patrick Pagel

Traveling Notebooks / Performance (2017-2020)

MDT Stockholm, 10-11 December 2020
(cancelled due to covid 19)
Stockholm University of the Arts Stockholm
October 2019 - May 2020
Independent collaborative project Berlin  2017-2020


Litó Walkey is a Berlin based artist whose work operates through performance, writing and choreography exploring non-hegemonic strategies for being connected, resourceful, and response-able. In her work, attentiveness procedures emphasize lateral and divergent thinking to consider the radical potential of marginal, accidental, and less visible phenomena. Collaborating through circuits of transversal interdisciplinary processes, Litó aims to create public spaces for critical thinking and experimentation unbound by single authorship, discipline or terminus.
Litó’s work has been supported through artistic commissions from international choreographic performance festivals and organizations. The work is complimented by ongoing discourse and practice-based exchange with colleagues and students inside and outside academic environments. 

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